Abstract Tree Design /\

At the annual Christmas Parade, I took photos of the huge tree on the lawn. Abstract Christmas TreeThis photo turned out like this quite by accident–an abstract tree, bright color patterns, with swirling movement–reminds me of paint swiggles on a black canvas!

A great design inspiration!

I’m Waiting For Christmas!

I'mWaitingForChristmas, (c)2010Joni Beach.
I'M WAITING FOR CHRISTMAS!, (c)2010 Joni Beach.


Finally, My Own Indoor Tree!!


Christmas time is just filled with sights, sounds, and inspirations for art...and life.

My workshop (i.e. studio) is busy, though much of the activity is getting ready for the holidays. So while much studio work has been put on hold, cards are being written, gifts are being gathered, cookies are being baked, and decorations are being put-up.

         And, it is a time to enjoy colors, music, food, and relationships–and maybe some…

 Quiet moments of peace sipping hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.


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