Spring’s Awakening

Sometimes we criticize the way people talk about the weather as a conversational starter. But I believe there is a reason for our fascination and preoccupation with it. For example, in the last few weeks our weather here in the southwestern mountains of Virginia has been very erratic! It begins as a gloomy, cold morning that gives way to the sun pushing through the clouds. Just you begin to feel hopeful that winter may truly be retreating, a large dark cloud again floats by and with it a sudden downpour…not of rain but of snow! As it moves on, gradually the sun once again peeks through overhead and the cycle repeats through out the day as the wind blows steadily orchestrating this dance.

Why am I talking about the weather? Because it does awaken our senses…we perk up at the sign of a sunny morning and marvel at snow that quickly passes. The wind brings shivers as it touches us and we crouch down to take shelter in our jackets. We notice the changing colors of the sky and are made aware of the motion of the day. It helps bring us out of our winter’s sleep and fills us with new inspirations and helps to awaken our creativity………

Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey

Today I am beginning this new blog…It’s good to have you here to begin this journey with me!

I believe we are all weaving our own individual lives as we meet the challenges and joys of

Transitions#3:Lifeweaving #1, (c)2006JoniBeach
Transitions#3: Lifeweaving #1. (c) 2006 Joni Beach.

each and every day. Whether we are artists by trade or of life, creative problem-solving is a helpful tool. In our complex times, simple answers and solutions are not always available and exploring many possibilities is required.

For example, in artistic endeavors a craftsperson takes the tools of their trade and experiments with materials, improvises with techniques, and plays around with many different ideas. It is not always easy to explore multiple options because change is not always what we prefer. Our comfort many times lies in the familiar and our impatience may tend to settle with the first answer we find.

In this piece, fabric appears to be woven and quilted together. The colors represent the stages of life I have so far experienced, beginning with blue for infancy through purple–middle-age. The black symbolizes the life challenges and struggles we face daily, which in turn contributes to our strengths…