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I love walking and viewing all the different colors, types, and shapes of fall leaves. It reminds me of walking along a sandy beach, looking for unique sea shells…

photo (1)FallLeaves3photoFallLeaves1










While I am enjoying fall and not ready for winter yet, I am being reminded that the December holiday season is just around the corner. Here are two pieces from the Wintertime series~Read the story behind their creation in these earlier posts, In the Studio~Holiday Inspirations and  In the Studio~Winter Series.

Winter Wren

Winter Wren, rayon & metallic on cotton, 7 3/4" x 9 1/2", © 2013 Joni Beach. Faced-applique, beading, free-motion and dense stitch quilting. © 2013 Joni Beach.

Winter Wren, rayon & metallic on cotton, 7 3/4″ x 9 1/2″, © 2013 Joni Beach. Faced-applique, beading, free-motion and dense stitch quilting. ($125)


Santa’s Night-time Trek

Santa's Night-time Trek. rayon & metallic on cotton, 12" x 11", © 2013, Joni Beach. Appliqued and free-motion quilting.

Santa’s Night-time Trek. rayon & metallic on cotton, 12″ x 11″, © 2013, Joni Beach. Appliqued and free-motion quilting. ($145)

If you need a gift or new artwork to decorate for a festive season, these pieces are currently available at Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts. (see link) The gift shop also carries art prints of many of my original pieces!

But for now….Enjoy walking in the fall leaves!!

Inspirations~A Morning Walk…

Many people take a morning walk each day for fresh air and exercise. But for an artist it can be a way to wake up to the visual inspirations in the world around them. The colors, the observations, the textures, the found objects, even the sounds can enliven their imaginations and feed their creative process!

I have decided to try taking morning walks this fall season (as suggested by artist, Susan Brubaker Knapp) before going into the studio~~to wake up, snap photos, or even make sketches. Here is my first Morning Walk inspiration….

dogwood pixB

Dogwood Tree in Autumn

 What are your favorite Autumn inspirations?

Summer is ending quickly around here, with school starting, cooler nights, and changing tree leaves~It’s autumn! Maybe that is why I have been in the mood to makes changes to my website! Hope you like the new look…

First Colors of Autumn #1, rayon on cotton, 20"x 20", © 2009 Joni Beach. Fused-applique and free-motion quilting.

First Colors of Autumn #1, rayon on cotton, 20″x 20″, © 2009 Joni Beach.

Along with updating the Art Gallery in the coming weeks, I am also preparing for another solo exhibit. The Lifeweavings exhibit is scheduled to be shown from September 12th–26th, Wallace Hall, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA . I am honored to be invited to exhibit and share my work there!

~ Hope you enjoy visiting both the Art Gallery and the Lifeweaving Exhibit~      joni

In the studio, this summer has been a busy time! I have been gathering new inspirations and beginning new works of contemporary textile art!

We are also getting ready for a workshop in August at Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts.  They so graciously hosted my first solo art exhibit, Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey, in February, and I look forward to meeting with them again to explore, encourage, and share with others who are taking their own creative journeys!



Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey

A Creativity Work-Playshop!


What do we gather during our lives that influences, inspires, and contributes to our artistic abilities, interests, skills…and our designs & creations!?

We will explore the life stages and use creativity to experiment with the design process, using our own  artistic/creative medium of expression (painters, jewelry-makers, writers, etc.)! You will be encouraged to take steps–even small ones, or micro-movements!–towards your own unique goals as a creative person…

Interactive activities, mind-mapping, and discussions will be used as a guide for considering what creativity is, generating new ideas, and sharing your inspirations with other artists/creative people!

Our overall goal will be to have fun, enjoy sharing ideas, and being inspired!!

Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts ~~Sunday, August 10, 2014, 1:30-5:00 PM

For More Information and Workshop Registration

~Contact Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts.~


The first day of summer is here at last!! And with summer came a flurry of busyness for me–the opposite of what we expect or dream about..

Summer Colors

Summer Color

Summer Colors

Summer Colors



I have been taking trips, working in the yard, and planting colorful flowers in the garden. [These aren’t in my yard :) ] It feels great to have warm, sunny days after the coldness of this past winter.





Summer Colors

Summer Colors












With a change of pace and time for new experiences, I am now inspired to be in the studio to work on new textile art and creative projects! 

Flamenco Swirl #1 is the first in a series that expresses my memories of the exciting colors and movement of a Spanish dancer’s amazingly expressive and exciting performance! (Two other pieces of this series are in earlier posts. They may be seen in the Art Gallery)

FlamencoSwirl#1, rayon on cotton, © 2014 Joni Beach.

Flamenco Swirl #1, rayon on cotton, © 2014 Joni Beach.

I hope to add new pieces to this series very soon! The passion and deep felt emotions with which these dances are performed greatly inspire me  to create…

Sometimes I move a project to the front porch and enjoy the breeze, the warmth of the sun, and the sound of the birds singing…

Ah… In the good old summertime!


In the Studio…

Today I added a conceptual piece~Blue Moods~ to the Transitions series in the Art Gallery. During the transitions we face in life, there are processes that people can experience as the old ways and situations give way to the new.

For example, as my children grew-up, graduated from high school, and left for college, daily life around our house changed dramatically. While some of the changes were exciting and something new to look forward to, I still experienced times of feeling a bit sad and longing for some of the earlier family times.

Transitions #2: Blue Moods, 13"x13", rayon on cotton. © 2014 Joni Beach.

Transitions #2: Blue Moods, 13″x13″, rayon on cotton. © 2014 Joni Beach.

So in Transitions #2, this piece entitled Blue Moods depicts the mixed feelings I have felt at times during transitions in life~~a bit sad, or blue, sometimes a bit angry (the color orange), but always still with hints of hope that in the end things will work out (the color yellow)…

Gradually the confusion (see Transitions #1: Confusion), the mixed feelings as depicted in Blue Moods, give way and transition into a new order and form…

our Lifeweavings.

Finally Spring has arrived here in the mountains, though the threat of a freeze has not passed. Still the days have become warmer and even the birds seem happier! I have begun some of the yard work necessary after a long cold winter and look forward to the colorful flowers of summer…

In the studio, I have continued to work on new pieces. Here is the the latest in the Visions of Spain series~Flamenco Swirl #3.

Flamenco Swirl #3, 13 1/4" x 21", rayon and metallic on cotton, © 2014 Joni Beach.

Flamenco Swirl #3, 13 1/4″ x 21″, metallic on cotton, © 2014 Joni Beach.


These pieces began with a simple line drawing to capture the figure and movement of a dramatic flamenco dancer.  The excitement, sounds, and visions of this experience will never be forgotten! This piece is a reverse of Flamenco Swirl #2~~the figure is done using a “reverse applique” technique.

Flamenco Swirl #1 is on exhibit currently, so this photograph was taken in the gallery. This first figure was created using bright red dotted fabric with a familiar ruffled hem to accent the swirling movement of the dancer.

My memories of this dance are expressed in this piece…

Flamenco Swirl #1 on Exhibit, 19" x 15 3/4", rayon on cotton. © 2014 Joni Beach.

Flamenco Swirl #1 on Exhibit, 19″ x 15 3/4″, rayon on cotton. © 2014 Joni Beach.


Spring Yellow~Hope

In March, winter has a hard time leaving the area where we live. One day it will be sunny and warm with signs of the hope of spring.ylFlrs

A few days later winter’s blanket of white will cover the newly budded flowers and trees.


But through this transition, ultimately spring will arrive and summer will follow…A recent art quilt, which is now on exhibit, also shows the brilliance of a yellow flower. For me I always think of these as signs of hope and a celebration of life!

The inspiration for this piece was a photo that I took in a backyard garden that captured its colors and shape from a different angle~the bottom side~ with the sunlight shining from above.

A Different Perspective, rayon on cotton. 45" x  45",   © 2014 Joni Beach. Pieced, free-motion quilting. applique, threadsketching.($2000)

A Different Perspective, rayon on cotton. 45″ x 45″, © 2014 Joni Beach. Pieced, free-motion quilting. applique, threadsketching.

I enlarged the image to the desired size to use as a guide. The composition was pieced by cutting fabric pieces and gluing them into position. Extensive free-motion quilting was used to construct the design and add depth and texture. The edges were finished with a facing. I also sign and date each wall-hanging in the lower left-hand corner, using free-motion threadsketching.

A Different Perspective and other contemporary textiles may be seen in the Art Gallery. Enjoy these signs of spring…hope…and a celebration of life!

 Several pieces are available through Eucalyptus Massage Center Gallery. 

*I would love to hear what inspires you and are your reminders of hope?




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