A Different Perspective, 2014


A Different Perspective, 45″ x 45″,

Rayon on cotton. © 2014 Joni Beach.

Juried Design, Sacred Threads 2015, Herndon, VA.


Artist’s Statement~Even a small flower in a backyard garden can give us a unique and different way of viewing the world around us. I loved the vivid colors and the composition of the small flower as seen from the bottom. The view and unusual design it had from this angle, upwards toward the sky, gave a different perspective, or view, from how we normally look at flowers…reminding us the same may be true in life.

Process~A photo I took in a backyard garden inspired and guided this design. After enlarging the image a paper pattern was printed and used as a guide. Piecing was used to form a background of blues and greens. On top of this, individual fabric pieces were cut, layered and glue basted to complete the composition by free-motion quilting and threadpainting.  Read more on the process for this piece Here , and also on this blog post.