Sunday Stroll in Casa de Campo (Madrid), 2014


Sunday Stroll in Casa de Campo (Madrid). 17 3/4″x 22″,

Rayon and cotton on cotton. ©2014 Joni Beach.


 The Story~As a piece in the “Visions of Spain” series, my memories of a relaxing sunny afternoon in a Madrid park is captured here…lunching beside the lake, enjoying the company of friends and family, strolling by the scenic red boats…or in Spain called el paseo.

Artist’s Process~To create this design, first I pieced a background by layering fabrics. Then, using freehand cutting and raw-edge applique, trees, the fence, a stone wall, and other details were layered and stitched. The boats and the man were composed separately on a thin interfacing and I added details using threadpainting. Using free-motion quilting, these appliques were added and stitched onto the background . I added additional details with threadpainting and dense-stitch quilting. The cables and rings holding the boats together were made by stitching on cording and heavy threads.