Flamenco Swirl #3

Flamenco Swirl #3, 13 1/4" x 21", metallic on cotton, © 2014 Joni Beach. Pieced, reverse applique, threadpainting, and free-motion quilting.

Flamenco Swirl #3, 13 1/4″ x 21″,  Rayon & metallic on cotton, © 2014 Joni Beach.

The Story~~Flamenco Swirl #3 is another expression of the exciting Spanish dance that is accompanied by expressive guitar music, hand-clapping, and soulful singing. The movement of the dancing, the colorful dress, and pounding rhythm of the feet on the stage awakens not only my senses, but my imagination! 

Artist’s Process~~A gesture line drawing was sketched and used as a pattern for the dancer. This piece is the reverse image of Flamenco Swirl #2….after the figure for #2 was cut out, I layered the dress fabric behind  cut-out opening in the black fabric.  A reverse applique was made by stitching around the  raw edges. Borders were then pieced around the middle design. I then added depth and texture by free-motion quilting and thread-painting on details.

Original Art Quilt~”Flamenco Swirl #3″

Reverse applique, piecing, raw-edge applique, and free-motion quilting.


A hanging sleeve is added to the back for displaying. As a Free Bonus gift, a small slat with two holes is included (Can be hung with 2 pins or small nails~not included). Other options for displaying textiles pieces include shadow box frames or mounting on canvas. Professional framers, experienced with preserving and displaying textiles, can be helpful with these and other presentation ideas.

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