Flamenco Swirl #2 (2014)

Flamenco Swirl #2 (2014)

Flamenco Swirl #2, 14″ x 22″, Rayon and metallic on cotton, © 2014 Joni Beach.

(Private Collection)

The loud pounding of the dancer’s feet and the dramatic swirl of her long dress…all to the rhythm of the Spanish guitars, hand-clapping and soulful song of the singer. A wonder on a Madrid’s summer night…

In this art quilt a gestural, line drawing of the movement of a flamenco dancer’s performance was sketched. The drawing was then used as a guide to cut out the black shape, which was appliqued to the background. Afterward, quilting and thread-paint stitching was added to give depth, detail, and visual texture to the piece.

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