First Colors of Autumn, #2 (2009)

In early Autumn, as I took a walk on a warm, sunny afternoon, I collected the first 3 colorful leaves that I found! Each leave was traced onto paper and used as a pattern.

The leaf shapes were fused onto the background and threadpainting and free-motion quilt stitching were used to add detail, lines, and texture to the design. 

First Colors of Autumn, #2. © 2009 Joni Beach.
First Colors of Autumn, #2. Rayon on cotton, 17 1/4×17″. © 2009 Joni Beach. Fused- applique and free-motion quilting.

Collecting Fall leaves remind me of walking along the beach and collecting colorful shells…no two are alike! Autumn leaves are visually awesome and inspiring to many artists!

First Colors of Autumn, #2. © 2009 Joni Beach.

First Colors of Autumn #2

Original Art Quilt, Size 17 1/4″ x 17″.


A hanging sleeve is added to the back of this piece for displaying. As a Free Bonus gift, a small slat with two holes is included (Can be hung with 2 pins or small nails~not included). Other options for displaying textiles pieces include shadow box frames or mounting on canvas. Professional framers, experienced with preserving and displaying textiles, can be helpful with these and other ideas.

Add this colorful art to your Art Collection to remind you of the wonderful, inspiring colors of Autumn!