Tuesday…In the Studio

At the first of the week I wrote about a new beginning for the new week…part of the plan was to begin new artwork in the studio. And on Monday I did! This photo of the bottom side of a flower that I photographed  in a garden a few weeks ago has intrigued me–the vibrant yellow, red, and green colors, as well as its line and shape.

Summer Flower, © 2011 Joni Beach
Summer Flower, © 2011 Joni Beach

In a college art class I experimented with Photoshop, editing a photo and making a resulting sketch from it, but I have not taken the time to do the same in making an art quilt. I have decided this is a perfect technique for a wall hanging using this photo as inspiration.

Since I do not have Photoshop on my computer, I tried its more simple Paint feature. After downloading the photo, the brush was used to outline the main lines in black.

Image Outlined

Dotted lines were used to remind me of shadows, variations, and underlying petals.

Yellow Flower Outlined

Image Printout

Image Printout



This image was then printed out onto several sheets of paper as large as I could get it using this software…                                                                                                                             

  Hopefully, I will be able to get a bigger image with the poster setting on my printer. While this is not a new technique, it is not one I have used with my equipment. As with any creative process and new art project, experimenting and improvising is necessary–of course this is also the fun part!

Laying out the sheets of paper, trimming, and taping them together will give me a pattern from which to copy pieces, cut out fabrics,  and construct the wall hanging. That will be phase 2 of this project!

Image Layout

But for now, I think it is time to go sit in the hammock and brainstorm some more…                                                                                                                                                             🙂                                                    

**What is your new beginning this week?

(I’d love for you to Leave a Comment below!)**

10 Replies to “Tuesday…In the Studio”

  1. That is amazing…what a great idea! This week, I’m trying to figure out what goes into nurturing and enhancing my own sense of appreciation and being grateful…there’s more to it than I had thought.


  2. I understand that questioning…I think of something someone (I don’t remember who) said–that to be “thankful” towards a person/thing shows a respect and honors who (or what) they are.
    Thanks for visiting! joni


  3. Thanks!…hopefully it won’t be too long. This summer has many interruptions to the studio so it may be longer to finish than I hope! But, I am determined… 🙂 So glad to have you visit my site…My Best, joni


  4. I will be trying to work this month with company in the house…but hopefully will still have the focus to work in the studio regularly! Thanks for your encouraging comments and “likes” on my posts! joni


  5. Thanks Kelly! I’ve had to delay continuing it until I get a new workspace set-up…summertime has lots of interruptions sometimes…but it is a project I’m looking forward to working on! My Best, joni


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